Zoom Party            6:30

by Carlos Glick

A party of Zoom goes wrong.

Magic Hands               12:33

by Kyle Collesano

After the death of a magician, three college students get a hold of a pair of magic gloves. Though they aren't aware of the magic happening outside of their magic adventures messing with people.

Where is Talia               2:26

by  Assanatu Afriju

Two friends investigate a hallway disturbance.

Shapes in Movement         0:38

by Feruza Yusupova

Silent hand-drawn animation. Cartoon animals create a stage and get ready for filming

Star                             13:29

by Gabriella Bartley

A very intelligent Astronomy major wants to be the best he can to reach his goals, but when the stress and pressure seeps in, he seems to forget why he's doing it in the first place.

Best Friends                5:13

by Desiree Carona

She's caught in a deadly sin that gets the best of her.

Eterna             7:44

by Alyssa Emptage

This documentary delves into the life of Brianna (a.k.a. Eterna) and how her struggles with anxiety have led her on her journey as an up and coming artist.

What is a Noun?                1:07

by Alanna Kroening

The audience is taught the meaning of a "noun" with a fun stop-motion animation, with pieces of art as examples.

Ego                        10:11

by David Shane Badiola

Two friends debate over various existential topics daring to finding meaning in the meaninglessness. 

Black Trans Lives Matter              6:07

by Seamus Hughes

CW: Graphic Violence

A found footage film about the erasure of trans people in the BLM movement. 

Last Day                             6:29

by Stacey Petrov

A world in which the air is becoming too toxic to breathe, the human population is being slowly moved indoors. One woman lives her last day outside.

Seafood                 0:49

by Sylvia Krauss-Grimm, Carolina Castilho

Brandon tries to sleep but there is something under his bed.


Eternal Wish         11:52

by Kyle Collesano

Leonard Crispy finds himself in "Eternity" where whoever resides there is gifted a wish, wether they want one or not.

Good Girl              3:00

by Sheena

CW: Sexual Content

A stop motion telling of a one night stand. 

EGLAF                 4:21

by Kyle Quesada

A sophisticated conversation about good and evil. Where are we going? Who is driving? And what is EGLAF?

My Dad                  8:15

by Julia Wijesinghe

The life of Ruwan Wijesinghe, a former Sri Lankan child actor, is captured through the eyes of his daughter Julia.

Strange Dream           1:49

by Stacey Petrov

A short doodle that visualizes a poem written about social media activism.


Pious.                    4:50

by Lauren Silverman

A grave robber repurposes her shovel after crossing paths with a child in need.

Pandemonium        13:59

by Emylia Benevente

After missing a night out of partying in the woods, Anna notices that her friends are suffering from strange afflictions: hearing voices, vivid dreams, and manic behavior. A mythical thriller.