Magic Hands by Kyle Collesano After the death of a magician, three college students get a hold of a pair of magic gloves. Though they aren't aware of the magic happening outside of their magic adventures messing with people.

Where is Talia? by Assanatu Afriju

Good Girl by Sheena Short video about a girl who meet a guy in a party; after have affairs with him, she meet another guy.

Shapes in movement by Feruza Yusupova The oval-shaped characters create a stage to get ready for filming.

Zoom Party by Carlos Glick

Pious by Lauren M. Silverman A grave robber repurposes her shovel after crossing paths with a child in need.

Glasses by Emylia Benavente Upon finding a pair of glasses in the woods, a girl realizes that it shows a whole new, captivating world. What she doesn't know is the true intentions of it's purpose and that the minute she put them on, it was already too late.

Best Friends by Desiree Carona She's caught in a deadly sin that gets the best of her.

Seafood by Sylvia Krauss-Grimm and Carolina Castilho Brandon tries to sleep but there is something under his bed.

Last Day by Stacey Petrov A world in which the air is becoming too toxic to breathe, the human population is being slowly moved indoors. Following a young woman, Billie Marks, after she finds out the news of her parents death and her spending her last day outside before moving indoors.

Eternal Wish by Kyle Collesano Leonard Crispy finds himself dead. But he's not in heaven or hell. Instead he finds himself in a place called Eternity. It's unclear exactly what Eternity is or the secrets the ruler is hiding from him, but one thing is made clear. Everyone who resides there is gifted a wish, wether they want one or not.


EGLAF by Kyle Quesada A sophisticated conversation about good and evil. Where are we going? Who is driving? And what is EGLAF?

Ego by David Shane Badiola Meaningless.

Strange Dream by Stacey Petrov A short doodle that visualizes a poem I wrote about social media activism.

ETERNA by Alyssa Emptage This documentary delves into the life of Brianna (a.k.a. Eterna) and how her struggles with anxiety have led her on her journey as an up and coming artist.

My Dad by Julia Wijesinghe My dad is about a child actor in Sri Lanka and moving to New York.

What is a Noun? by Alanna Kroening The audience is taught the meaning of a "noun" with a fun stop-motion animation, with pieces of art as examples.

Star by Gabriella Bartley A very intelligent Astronomy major wants to be the best he can to reach his goals, but when the stress and pressure seeps in, he seems to forget why he's doing it in the first place.